Our Story

Ignat Games Company is the result of inspiration from the challenges encountered by its founder Cristian, an avid dart player who at one time encountered limitations when trying to enjoy a game of Darts with a group of friends due to lack of enough sets of quality darts.

Out of this experience and thanks to his passion in dart games and about six months of studies, analysis and sourcing of raw materials, Cristian unleashed his entrepreneurial spirit and started Ignat Games with an aim of making a perfect set of darts products with awesome qualities designed to make darting easy for both beginners and pro players.

Our Darts Product

At Ignat Games, we are all players just like you! We understand what a great dart should be made of.

That’s why we’ve designed, developed and manufactured a sleek, uniformly strong yet beautiful set of steel tipped darts for 2 players (yes, six darts in total!), so you and your family or friends can enjoy a game of darts together.