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These were the darts I purchased for our new board. The darts are excellent quality and beautifully packaged along with a sharpener. Very impressed by the quality and presentation. Exceeded expectations.

Tom F

Raleigh, North Carolina

The dartboard I bought didn't come with darts. I had an old set, but they were not a very good quality set. I got this set of Ignat darts and have been very happy with them. They are sturdy and obviously higher quality that my previous set. They are a very nice set and even come in a nice box for gift giving.



If there’s one thing I must say, this has been one of the best investments I have made on any game so far. Though I hardly play with all the 6-darts included in the pack, I am glad to have them in reserve. The price made it something I could not pass up. A great deal in my honest opinion!

Iuli customer

My husband use to play dart in our yard he likes the quality of this darts the weight and the sharpness of the darts you can say that it has a giod quality made product. You can also sharpen the tip of it.

Eiram G customer

These darts are much more professional than I was anticipating, they are great! The weight feels good in the hand too and hey've made a HUGE difference in our casual dart games. Even if you're a terrible player these are so much nicer to use as they don't break as easily. Everything about them feels very solid and well made. It really does make a difference.

Double D customer

I've recently received a dartboard as a present which included two sets of plastic darts. I am not a professional player, but even after the first evening of playing I realized that I will be needing a better quality set. I have been looking for a two player set so I ordered these darts which, I must say, look awesome, and I got what I was looking for. They are exactly like in the photos, 6 brass barreled darts, aluminum shafts and 2 different flights. What's more is that I also got a sharpener for them as an extra. The box looks very sturdy and useful.

Mirela Dragomir customer

Finally found the perfect darts! Great quality and balance - these are easy to throw. Awesome value!

Sunny Sharma

New Jersey

I am extremely impressed with the quality and construction of this set. Definitely well made and built to last. They will get a lot of use as darts are a favorite during family get togethers. Great for all skill levels and will hold up well due the the quality materials used.

shawn g. customer

Great quality and well made darts. We've been throwing darts for about 30 years and when we remolded our house we put a regulation slate pool table and a regulation tournament dart board we had several sets of darts some going back to when we got started. I wanted new heavier darts when I was looking for a set there were a lot more than I expected these Ignat darts raised to the top of the list very quickly for good reason the weight was what I wanted the style was great and I could get two sets for about what one set costs elsewhere. When these got here I was impressed as soon as I seen the box and they just kept getting better these are a real players set of darts the hold a perfect point very well and stay sharp longer the flights are very well made they fit and stay on great. Top notch quality is easy to see in every part of the dart the flutes and barrels are machined very well and hold up to game play very well every player that used these has been just as impressed these have taken over the preferred set spot very quickly I kept one set aside just for my use and I'm really happy with their continued performance. Bottom line is I would and probably will buy these again.

it is what it is customer

Great darts. They have good balance and a nice grip. I bought 5 different sets of darts over the last month or so trying to find a the right set. These are it, good feel and good quality. They came with an extra flight in each design, and the sharpener. At this price you cant beat them

Greg customer

Great house darts!!! I bought this set as house darts for visitors and they are overall great for that purpose. I have my professional darts for other purposes. These are good for those learning and want light weighted darts. I would recommend these darts.

Jordan Cantillano customer

These darts exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and balance. I even received a personal inquiry from the company as to how I felt about my purchasing experience. When new darts are needed, I will not hesitate to use this company.

cww1950 customer

PERFECT. At this price, you get darts that are simply the Maximum Utmost! No need to look any further. If you are a casual player, or play a bit more frequently, I can not recommend a better deal than this.

Ace Cool customer

Received my darts in a timely manner. After having both sets in play, I noticed on one dart there was a manufacturing defect. I contacted Ignat, and they had the issue resolved before I even noticed the email I missed from them. Great customer service!

E. Williams customer

My husband and I just play very casually. We bought these darts because we were tired of using the mix of assorted darts left over from our parties. We love these so much, we decided to hide them so that only WE get to use them! Great weight. I look forward to improving my game.

Suzanne Petroff customer

Quality darts... bought these to play at the local pub ... house darts kept breaking... these work great.. and for the price, I even gave them to the pub to keep.

Andrew Indelicato customer