Are Soft Tip Darts Safe?

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Soft tip darts leagues are popular in the United States, some countries in Asia and Canada.  European countries, such as Germany also enjoy playing soft tip darts and it can be a lot of fun but are soft tip darts safe?

When playing with soft tip darts, an electronic dartboard is used and the darts land in a small hole on the board, which keeps the darts in place.  These holes are very small and there are several in each segment, even the trebles to allow for big scoring.

The points of soft tip darts are usually made from plastic and can bend to allow them to easily slide into the holes in the dartboard. Immediately, you can see the difference between soft tip darts and steel tip darts.

Being made of plastic, a soft tip dart is not going to land in the wall of your house or bounce out and stick in the nice wooden floor you have put down in your room. In terms of your wall, floor, and furniture, soft tip darts are safe in that they will not pierce them like a steel tip dart.

That’s not to say a soft tip dart will not cause any damage if it missed the board or landed on the floor. The barrel of soft tip darts could be made from brass or tungsten and feature aluminum shafts. If the dart happens to bounce out of the board and land on the floor with the barrel it could leave a dent or scratch.

You should never play soft tip darts in the belief you will 100% avoid any damage to the wall, floor or furniture but it is certainly safer than using steel tip darts.

If you have young children who want to play darts, soft tip darts is a good way for them to start, especially if playing unsupervised. The plastic point of soft tip darts will not pierce the skin like steel tip darts can and even if the soft tip dart bounces out of the board towards a player, there is nothing major to worry about in terms of injury unless it travels towards the eye of the player.

That’s not to say soft tip darts are 100% safe as they can still cause some damage to people thanks to the barrel, which is often made of metal. However, the chances of being injured from a soft tip dart in comparison to a steel tip dart are significantly lower.

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