Benefits of a Bristle/Sisal Dartboard

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To give yourself the best chance of hitting the highest scores and finding those precious out shots, your playing equipment should be the best quality you can afford.

The first thing you probably think about when buying darts equipment are the darts themselves and yes, these are important.  However, you should never overlook the quality of your dartboard. Whether you are just using the dartboard to practice at home or you are using it in a club or bar to host tournaments, you need a dartboard which will provide the greatest playing experience.

Thankfully, you are in the right place as our new bristle dartboard will give you the best darts playing experience of any dartboard you have used.

How can we be so confident our new dartboard will offer such a great playing experience for you and your friends?

Well, we only endorse and provide what we believe to be the very best darts products and with this Kenyan sisal dartboard you simply cannot go wrong.

Thanks to the construction of the board using Kenyan sisal, upon your first throw of the dart you will find this dartboard softer.  This allows the dart to sink further into the dartboard but without creating any damage to the surface of the board.

This is beneficial for every type of player because if you happen to throw a dart which leaves your hand in an unusual way, many dartboards will not accept this dart and it will hit the board but drop to the floor.

Our Kenyan sisal dartboard will accept the dart, even if it is contacting the board very lightly, thanks to its softness.  This is extremely beneficial for players who throw their darts lightly and find they are struggling to get them to stay in the board.

We believe you should not have to adjust your throwing style because of the dartboard and when using our dartboard, you can continue to throw your darts in the style of your choosing, without having to worry about whether they are going to stay in the board.

Not only does this dartboard improve the playing experience and the confidence of the players in the board, it will also keep in great condition for much longer than your standard dartboard.

Our Kenyan sisal dartboard comes complete with an auto healing function and this means the board will essentially repair itself after you have removed your darts.

The sisal bristle fibers bring unsurpassed durability in a dartboard and you will not have to keep replacing your board because of wear and tear. You can then use the money you have saved by not having to replace your dartboard on other equipment you need.

With this dartboard there will be no more worrying about whether your darts are going to stick in the board and no more concern about the quality of your board depreciating quickly.

Our new Kenyan bristle/sisal dartboard will bring you the best, most consistent darts playing experience of your life.  

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