Can dartboards go outside?

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If you live in a country with a fantastic climate or the weather is great during the summer, you may not play darts as often because you are required to be indoors. However, why should you be restricted to playing darts inside?

Can dartboards go outside and is it possible to enjoy a game of darts in outdoor conditions?

The first thing to mention here is that there has been a tournament played on the Professional Darts Corporation tour which was contested outside.  The Dubai Darts Masters was played at the Dubai Tennis Stadium and the dartboard was outside. It was the opening event in the global series for five years with Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson the only players ever to win the event.

The wind and heat did cause problems for the players at times but the tournament did run successfully for five years.

So, if it is good enough for the PDC it is good enough for you and there is no problem playing darts outdoors.

Dartboards can go outside but you should never leave them outside. You could attach a dartboard to a sturdy stand and have it set-up in the garden but when you have finished playing, you should take it down and place it indoors.

A high-quality dartboard such as the Assassin Blade Pro available at IgnatGames is an example of a great dartboard which can outside for play in dry, warm conditions.  It will last a long time, even if you use it outside but it cannot be left outside under any circumstances.

The dartboard is designed for indoor use and should always remain indoors when not in use but when the conditions are favorable, you can take it outside and have a great game of darts with family and friends.

Humidity can also be an issue if you are playing darts outdoors regularly.  Humid conditions will damage the dartboard and you will need to purchase a new one more often than if you played with it indoors.  That being said, if you rotated the dartboard often enough, there is no reason why you could not enjoy playing outside in humid weather, just don’t expect it to last as long as it would if you left it inside.

The bristles are likely to bulge faster on a dartboard outside in humid conditions and when this happens, you will need to purchase a new board.

So, the answer to the question ‘Can dartboards go outside?’ is Yes but only when they are being used.  When not in use, you should take the dartboard inside and keep it stored in cool, dry environment to ensure it stays in good condition.

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