Can darts kill you?

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This may seem a drastic question and the first thing to point out here is that you should not be worried about playing darts.  When set-up and played in the correct manner, darts is arguably one of the safest sports you can play.

There is no physical contact between the players like in football and rugby which can lead to serious injury.  You are unlikely to suffer any torn muscles or break any bones because of a fall or collision. Darts is safe to play.

So why ask, ‘can darts kill you’?

Firstly, playing with steel tip darts is dangerous. The end points of the darts are sharp and that’s why they land and stay in the dartboard easily. Should one of these darts come towards you it will pierce the skin.

It will be very painful if a dart landed in your leg or arm for example but it will not kill you.  However, the doesn’t mean you should ignore safety and you must always check no one is in front of you before throwing darts.

While a dart to the arm or leg will not cause any lasting damage, if a dart landed in your face or eye, that would be different. You could easily lose the sight in an eye and while it is uncomfortable to think about it, everyone needs to be aware of the damage a dart can do to a person.

Again, it is not going to kill you but it will leave lasting damage.

So, what can you do to ensure this does not happen to you or anyone you are playing with?

Use common sense. Never throw a dart in the direction of someone else.  Always wait until the previous throwers have collected their darts and moved away from the dartboard before you begin throwing your own darts.

Never stand too close to the board when someone else is throwing.  Yes, you can stand to one side of the dartboard if you are marking but never stand in a position where a misthrow can hit you.  The same applies to bounce outs.

Just because a dart does not hit you directly, does not mean it is 100% safe. A dart can travel towards the board, hit the wire and bounce away from the board. That means the dart is flying back towards the players, so everyone should be watching until the darts are safely in the board.

The best way to ensure you are playing safely, is to invest in the latest equipment.  A good example is the Assassin Blade Pro dartboard by IgnatGames.  While bounce outs can always happen, the staple-free dart board wire system ensures the playing area is as large as possible and the chances of hitting the wire are reduced.

So, play darts with common sense, always remain aware and use quality products to keep the chances of injury to a minimum.

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