How to clean your dartboard

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There will come a time when your dartboard begins to look dirty. If you play darts on a daily basis,
this will happen more quickly than someone who plays once a month. The more your darts are
hitting the dartboard and your hands come into contact with the dartboard, the dirtier it is going to

There are some steps you can take to keep your dartboard looking fresh for as long as possible
before cleaning becomes an option.

Always rotate the dartboard on a regular basis. If you are playing 301 or 501 often, you will always
be aiming at the treble 20 and this can lead to that region of the dartboard becoming grubby. To
avoid that one section of the dartboard becoming dirty, rotate the number ring and switch between
the segments.

You should also wash your hands before playing darts. Your hands may not come into contact with
the dartboard very often but when they do, any dirt on your hands can be passed onto the
dartboard. This can be difficult to remove but there are ways you can clean your dartboard if
absolutely necessary.

Using water on the dartboard is not a good idea as this will be soaked up and can lead to bulging.
We have covered this is a previous article which you can find here.

The best place to start when cleaning a dartboard is to use a small, handheld vacuum cleaner. The
key here is to not put the suction action of the vacuum cleaner at a high setting. This can damage
the dartboard so always check the setting before you begin and make sure it is low.

Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the dartboard will pull out the dirt particles which have sunk into
the dartboard. While it may not catch them all, it will do a much better job than anything else and
you should notice your dartboard becoming cleaner as you work your way around.

Having completed the cleaning process using a vacuum cleaner, you may notice your darts stick into
the board better the next time you play. This is because the surface friction has increased and this
allows the dart to land into the board easily.

If using a vacuum cleaner has not done the job, you can look into using liquid wood polish or white
petrol and a cloth
. However, this is not recommended as applying too much of either can lead to
permanent damage of the dartboard. Only use these substances if you know what you are doing
and understand there is a risk to the dartboard if you get it wrong.

The other option is to use a clean, dry cloth and wipe over the dartboard. This will pick up any dirt
particles which are sitting on top of the fibers.

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