Which darts are the best for beginners

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 Selecting the best darts for beginners is crucial when you start playing darts for the first time.  If you have seen darts played on television by the professionals, such as the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) or the British Darts Organisation (BDO) you will have noticed the darts being used by the players.

Each player has a unique set of darts and if you search for them online, you will find many sets of darts designed and endorsed by the players.  However, spending a large sum of money on your first set of darts could be a huge mistake.

As a beginner, selecting a set of darts because your favorite player uses them or simply because they look good, is not the best option.

Instead, you want to look at the darts in terms of weight and grip.  The shafts and flights also need to be considered carefully and we will come to that later.

As a beginner player, you are advised to start by using heavier darts than something light like 18 grams. The extra weight will help to keep the dart true as it flies through the air and into the dartboard.  A lightweight dart will be more difficult to control and therefore you should aim for somewhere around 25 grams as an ideal weight for beginner darts.

As you progress as a player, you can then decide if you would like to move up in weight or down in weight depending on how your style develops over time.

IgnatGames have both 24 gram and 26 gram steel tip darts and these are a great option for beginner darts.

When buying darts as a beginner, the next thing you must consider is the grip and shape of the dart.  You will find darts available in various widths and with the grip positioned at different sections of the barrel.

In some cases, the grip will be constant across the barrel, split at the back and front of the barrel, located only in the middle section etc. There are many designs and choices to be made so why not try picking up a pen and pretending it is a dart?  How are you gripping the pen?

If you use a standard biro and you feel the pen is too narrow, you will need to buy a dart with a wider barrel but if it feels too large, you will look for something narrower. At IgnatGames, you will find a selection of barrels to choose from, with various grips and widths available that are suited to beginner players.

In terms of shafts and flights, beginners are best advised to start with standard shaped flights and medium stems.  These are the most popular and as a beginner, they provide the best option. As you become more familiar with the game, you can begin to tweak your flights and stems but for beginners, keep to the standard setup for the best results.

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