Why Do Darts Bounce Out?

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Is there anything more frustrating when playing darts than seeing your dart bounce out of the board and land on the floor?  It can leave you feeling very annoyed, especially if the dart was heading into the treble 20 or into a crucial double for the win.

Why do darts bounce out and what can you do to try and avoid it from happening?

Firstly, check your dart and see how sharp they are before throwing again.  A properly sharpened dart has a better chance of sliding along the wire and into the board than a blunt dart.  Blunt darts have a high chance of bouncing out if they contact the wire, so get a sharpening stone and ensure it never happens to you again.

Another reason why darts bounce out of the board is the angle at which they hit the board. If your darts are reaching the board at a funny angle, they may not be landing with the point of the dart first and therefore it is not entering the board.

If this is happening to you, perhaps your darts are too light and this is making them fly at a strange angle.  Try playing with some heavier darts, as they are more likely to fly true and will remain in the board. You can invest in a nice set of heavier darts at IgnatGames without breaking the bank.

Finally, and the most common reason for darts bouncing out of the dart board is the board itself.  Many dartboards for sale online still come with staples and these are used to keep the wires separating the scoring segments attached to the board.

While the staples do play a crucial role in the design of these dartboards, they add to the area of the board which you cannot hit.  When a dart comes close to the wire and there is a staple present, the dart is more likely to hit the staple and bounce out.

The wires on older dartboards are also bigger and they tend to flatten out over use, which makes them bigger again. This increases your chances of hitting the wire and seeing your dart bounce out.  The last thing you want when throwing a dart is to see it going towards the treble 20 only for it to hit the staple or wire and bounce out to the floor.

So, what can you do to prevent that from happening?

The best tip is to buy a new, modern dartboard.  It is now possible to purchase dartboards which come without staples and boast narrow wires.  Scoring areas can be increased by 15% thanks to great wiring and no staples, which means fewer bounce outs and better scoring.

The IgnatGames Assassin Blade Pro is a great example of dartboard featuring slim and staple-free wires. Using a board like this will significantly reduce the number of bounce outs compared to an older board and improve your scoring in the process.

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